All About Me: Duke Biussonneault

What’s in a name: Leader
My life as a child I’ve been an Otaku even when I was young.
My family No brothers or sisters
Boyfriend/girl friend don’t have a girlfriend yet.
Schools I’ve attended St. Joan High School
Sport/clubs I participate in: none
Interests & Hobbies Playing games, watching Anime, staying cool.
Your special or greatest achievements: Leaving my old life behind. :D
Work/volunteer experience Working in The Den.
What are your goals that you have set for yourself?: Going to see China.
Have you taken any computer courses? What were/are they? Media.
What type of skills/expectations were you hoping to get taking this course?
Making a Wikia
What would you consider your skill level to be in the following:
-Power Point-
Tell me about your interests in technology? Computers, Games, videos.